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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Scrapfest

This summer I've been getting alot of pages done thanks to Summer Scrapfest at Scrapbook Deals 4 U. Each week we were challenged by a different Design Team Member to complete assignments that earned us a certain amount of points. A new layout challenge was posted each Monday, and a few mini-challenges for extra bonus points were posted the rest of the week. Each time we completed a challenge correctly in the amount of time specified, we were awarded the number of points for that challenge. At the end of that week, a poll was posted with all the week's entries. We then voted for our favorites, and the week's winner received bonus points. We have come to the end of the six weeks. SO here are my pages and challenges.

Week 1: create a layout centering around the theme “Then and Now”, compare or contrast someone/something as it was back in the day versus now, use good journaling

make a card, it must include a TRANSPARENT item of some sort

Week 2: complete a layout using NO PATTERN PAPER OR EMBELLISHMENTS

scraplift a layout from the gallery, This is Kristi's that I lifted: here

This challenge is about using a negative space chipboard piece....it could be an alpha or anything else and you can use it on a layout or a card...

Week 3: create a LO using the words "I BELIEVE " in your title!!!

create a card using the sketch given here

Week 4: find a song that the lyrics inspire you and run with it. You may use the the song as your title or not, but I really want you to use the lyrics on your page. You can use all or parts of the lyrics on your layout whatever tells YOUR story the best

make a Christmas Card using this awesome Pagemaps sketch

Week 5: challenge this week is to design a layout that is any shape but square (or rectangle). It can be any size, any color, any subject...

create a card or layout using a color scheme of black, white, and a single color of your choice. Include a stamped image (either foam, rubber or acrylic), and at least one button

Week 6: take at least 10 pictures of yourself in different poses. In your layout you can arrange them any way you want. You must also "name" your poses. For example... happy, sad, silly, "stink eye", flirty, disgusted, empathetic, bemused, surprised, and wistful. You can choose whatever types of poses you want, but they must be headshots. (Kylie was my photographer)

Create a layout about 10 Things That Make You Happy. you can use pictures, journaling strips, objects....etc...

This has been alot of work, but alot of fun too. They say they have another fun thing planned for August. Can't wait to see what hey have up their sleeve!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Before Surgery

Here are a few pics of our boy!

Friday, July 25, 2008


We are home and he is resting. All went really smoothly. Surgery was a little longer than aticipated, but all is good now! I'll post pics later. Thank you everyone! Love to you all.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Surgery is scheduled

Surgery is all set for tomorrow at 1pm. Keep Wes in your thoughts and prayers that all goes smoothly for the dr. It should be an hour long and he should be home tomorrow afterwards. They just have to go in, put the bone back in place and put in 2 pins. Fingers crossed that it goes as smoothly as it sounds!

And for fun, since we did pictures of the girls, here are two of the boys. This is Wes and Wade both at 14 months.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Wes will probably be having elbow surgery on Friday. I'll keep you updated.

Opinions please!

There is an ongoing consensus that 2 of these little girls look alike. Do you see it? Maybe, but they all are pretty cute!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun on vacation

Lisa sunscreening Wes at Wild Island

Kids waiting to go play.

At the Nugget

Hotel carpet is the best!

P with GDot at the Nugget pool.

Spinning at a Fallon Park.

P on the spinner.

Wade spent alot of time in his stroller. He is such a good baby to just sit there. The problem is that if I let him get down then his feet sores get really nasty. They get bad if he wears shoes too. So since I didn't want to deal with bloody little ankles he had to sit in the stroller.

Swimming at the Fallon indoor pool.

Wes loves the big diving board!

Kylie likes it too.

P loves swimming like the big kids. She starts lesson tomorrow. I know she will do great. She already thinks she can swim.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Sunday night we were all outside watching the kids swing and have fun with eachother. Unexpectedly, Wes fell. I knew he was hurt when he went inside and laid on the couch. He didn't want anyone around him, his elbow was hot, and I could almost see it getting puffier as I watched it.

We took him in to the Fallon hospital and the Xray showed that he broke his humerous near his elbow and growth plate. The Fallon ortho dr wouldn't take his case so we drove in to Reno at 10 pm as a transfer case. We got there at 11. Then we saw the ER dr. He sent us up to the OR and the orthopedist said Wes needed surgery. At 1:30 am he was wheeled in for a closed reduction and casting. I was back with him by 3 am. We were in our room by 4 and sleeping shortly after that.

We spent the night there and were released at 1 pm. It was a long night!

Wes has been a real trooper though. He has taken hardly any pain meds. He watched them try to get the IV in without crying, and he is even being so good about not being able to swim.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cul de Sac on Fire

Thats what its called according to Wes! Enjoy some pics of our fun night!

I'll post more later. The server keeps interupting my upload!