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Monday, January 28, 2008

This was a bad idea

Do you ever have an idea to do something and you think its a good idea, but it turns out not to be? Case in point! I thought I would take a pic of P in front of her school for speech. I don't have one yet and I was with just her. I could easily take one pic, or two. That second pic is where the problem came about. You see, I got this one then told P to stand closer to the sign. I walked across the parking lot and just as I got to the curb, I stepped in a divet and ate it! It was like slow motion and I tried really hard to protect my camera, but it didn't work. The camera bounced out of my hand and never recovered. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was close enough to see me fall. Payton just stood there and said, "Mom, why are you so silly?" Yeah, like I meant to be silly Payton! lol

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fallon in Nov. and basketball

I was just looking at my sister in law's blog and she said she only had one pic of Tommy playing basketball. I remembered I had another one from our visit in November so I thought I would post it.

He is in there somewhere.

This is Alyssa, Ky, Wes, and Ryan watching the game.

This is Tommy throwing the ball in.

Then just to round out the post I thought I'd throw a few more pics in from the trip. Cutie cousins Ky and Ellie! Then all 4 girls on the bench.

We miss our Fallon cousins!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Krispy Kreme

Steve and Wade have Saturday morning ritual of going to Krispy Kreme early so I can sleep in! I love it. The kids do too. They get donuts when they wake up. The kids also love the hats Daddy brings home. Here is Wade in his hat. Yum, yum!

I missed being able to sleep in this morning! I hope Steve is having fun.

Christmas at Disneyland

Wes and Payton with Tweedle Dee.

The castle all lit up with snow.

My camera has a cool feature I just figured out. You can select one color to come through and the rest is black and white. Here is a pic during the parade of Belle and the Beast. I took a lot of pics using this feature during the parade.

Here is one selecting red taken on "Its a Small World."

Small World all lit for Christmas.

Payton at the parade. See how cool the feature can be! I love it.

Wes and Ky at the parade.

The reindeer when I selected their fur color to come through.

Waders with Gma Dot.

We had lots of fun this day at Disneyland. I think CHristmas time there is my absolute favorite!

A few more pics for fun too.

Wade loves Disneyland!

Inside Small World.

Genie during the parade.

Conderella, my favorite!

Another inside Small World. I love the snowflake tree!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

To copy Jess again

I know not all of you read Jess' blog (my sil) so I thought I would share these on mine too. She posted a couple really great blogs with lots of cute pics from their trip down here with us. Since I'm still laptop-less and can't download my pics right now, I'm borrowing from Jess. I hope you don't mind Jess! Love you all and miss you tons.

And now for the plagerism:

The Stockard family invited us all over for a Christmas Eve Party at their house. We had lots of yummy appetizers and pizza. The cousins had a great time playing together and all the adults had fun watching and mingling.

Payton showing Dylan the skeeter scooter.

Kylie, Wes and Payton in their Christmas Eve jammies.

Dylan LOVES baby Wade. Dylan's still learning to be soft but sure wants to be right there with the baby and would get very concerned if the baby was crying.

CHRISTMAS! Julie and Dustin did a awesome job as the Santa's handing out the presents. It was Dustin's first Christmas as part of the Wilson Clan and he sure fits right in.

The whole group....

My momy's birthday.-copied from Jess

We celebrated Holly's birthday by going to Claim Jumper on Saturday night and then on Sunday (her actual birthday) the Stockards came over for dinner and cake. It was fun to be with everyone but we missed the Romberg family while they were in Parawon with Kevin's Family.

December 29 at Claim Jumper

December 30 at Holly & Gene's

An Update

via Jess' blog!


we loved having you here and miss you all! We can't wait to see you in May.