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Thursday, June 9, 2011

February Cruise Photos

We took a very impromptu cruise at the end of February. So impromptu that we booked on Wednesday and were on the boat on Saturday! The kids were so excited and so were Steve and I. We loved out first cruise and couldn't wait to go on our second. I just didn't believe our 2nd would be less than a year after the first.

We decided to do the same 7 day cruise out of Long Beach because it is so easy for us, no airfare and a 30 minute drive! As we decided to do this so last minute, the choices were really slim. We did find a ship with a room that could hold all 6 of us together, a family suite, and it was really sweet! Much better than our other room with just Steve and I.

The kids loved the kids club, and Steve and I love the relaxing we got to enjoy. Cruises are really an excellent family vacation! Here are some pictures from the cruise.

First our room:

The bathroom

The sitting area.  That couch pulled out into a bed.  The orange curtain pulled accross to the middle of the room and that little black wall had a pull out divider that ran along that track on the ground.  The girls are standing by the wall of windows that took up the length of the room.

The main bed in the room.  The other side of the wall on the side of the bed is the bathroom.  Wade is standing on the tracks for the wall divider.

One morning view on the cruise.

Our flowers in our room welcoming us aboard.

I'm sure Wade took this by the angle!  lol. 

We had a slight delay in our cruise as we had to go back to Ensenada for a medical emergency.  Not for us, but someone on board.  This is looking at Ensenada.

A towel animal.  The kids loved these!
Kylie on the pull out bed.  She shared with Payton.

Wes trying to get Steve up.

Wade getting in on the rousting.

Another one of the towel animals.
I'll post more photos in another post.