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Monday, November 30, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Better Late than Never

Here are a few pictures from our Trick or Treating with the Birds (lol, get it?). We loved having them here for the holiday. Unfortunately my camera battery was not charged and I didn't get too many photos. Here are a few though.

Funny Wade

This kid is so much fun! I am so glad I get to spend my days with him. His little personality is great! I am so glad he is a part of our family.

Kylie's Soccer Season-The Cinnamon Kicks

Weston entertaining himself and Wade during a soccergame.

Kylie and her teammate.
Waiting for the ball to get to her!

Running for the ball!

Wade got tired of hanging out in the stroller during games. I wanted to watch the games though and so I needed him to stay put. He wanted to run around too.


While Payton and Ella are playing their game,

The other kids are playing on the playground!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our New Place

Most of you know that we have moved via my mom's blog. If you don't read her blog then you may not know. Here is a copy of her post and some pictures of the home before we moved it.

I decided to blog about this because it is what I am doing right now and what is occupying my attention. They are just way to busy and Jenny is going in so many directions she doesn't have time to sit and blog,
it isn't what she is concentrating on right now.
Anyone who knows me very well knows that I have a problem with change. Even as a very little girl, I hated the thought of moving, having new routines and making new friends. It was always very traumatic for me. Now as a mother my stress is magnified and knowing that they are grown adults doesn't help me much.
I guess I need to learn to let go and trust in their decisions and choices.
How can I worry when I see the place they are moving too? It's a beautiful home in Fountain Valley, and is only about 7 miles away. I won't be able to just walk over any more on my morning walks or pick the kids up at Eastwood with her, but hey don't they say that "change is good?" They're moving into a wonderful neighborhood, and their new ward, FV3 has at least 90 kids in their primary.
This is the entry way with the formal living room on the left side, and the formal dining room beyond that. They have a three car garage to the right. It has a lot of windows with a lot of natural sunlight.
When you walk straight in from the front door you go into the kitchen
and family room. See all of the sunlight coming in?
This is their georgous back yard, with a newly fenced pool, isn't it beautiful?
And here's the kitchen. She's going to have to get used to a little less space and less storage. The kitchen they are leaving was so big! But see, isn't this a beautiful house. They have four bedrooms up stairs and that's a change from only three. They even have 3 working fireplaces and even three bathrooms.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kylie's Project

Today Kylie went into her room and started writing this paper. She would come out and read a bit to me or ask me how to spell something. I would help her a little and she would return to her room.She asked me at one point what else she could write. I told her to write about her beliefs. She said it was too hard at first, but then continued to write. In the end, she wanted to type it out. Steve helped her with the word processing.

This is what she came up with.

Kylie 9/20/2009

My name is Kylie Stockard. I like pink. I also like purple. I love school. My nickname is KES. They are my initials. I’m almost 9.

Do you have some hobbies? I do, one is soccer. I can kick, shoot, dribble, and score. I enjoy scrap booking. I love the way they get set up. I also sew. I can sew with my grandma. I love lanyards. They are tricky at first. You should try one of these.

My family loves me. I love them. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers. There names are Payton, Weston, and Wade. Along with my mom and dad we are a happy family.

Another important thing about me is my beliefs. I believe in the book of Mormon, Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, the Holy Bible, Pearl of Great Price, the Doctrine of Covenants, and the Holy Ghost.

These are just a few things about the wonderful me. I am really happy with who I am turning out to be. I cannot wait to see who I will turn out to be…..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Wear shoes when cooking bacon because you might spill grease on yourself.

I'm just saying.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More partiers

Just do me a favor and click on this picture to make it bigger. Look at Kylie's face! lol Can you see what she is holding? Its one of those HUGE Japanese beetles that Grandma Wilson used to tell us only come around when you cry or scream in the pool, lol! She was trying to be brave, but she won't pet a dog???

This is the cutie baby that the mama couldn't let sleep! Cute!!! This is his older older sister.

This is the baby girl that got the boot when this little guy joined the family. She is the littlest sister of the family, but now she is a big sister too!

They were so excited that he woke up!

This mama loves her baby!

More from the party!

The big daddy of the birthday boy!

My cute, fun cousin and her girlie!

My grumpus!

The birthday boy!

My camera was malfunctioning (the lens was locking up and not going in or out) so I asked my dad if I could use his brand new Canon Digital Rebel xTi. I knew I would regret using it. I think I'm in love! Too bad its way out of my price range.


The kids looking at bees, I think.

Wade was a grump most of the afternoon. Thank goodness for super wonderful moms and grandmas! My mom took Wade inside and watched him so I could interact with the partiers. Thanks Mom! I love you!

Cutie little girl!

And her handsome brother!

This little one slept almost the whole time through all the swimming noise. He is #5 so he is learning! His mama eventually woke him up though and we got some cute pictures of him (still to come).

Paytie! She loves the water, but her baby blues get so red from the chlorine!

Weston's 7th Birthday Pool Party

Opening presents.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Splash Pad

There is a really fun park in our city called the Splash Pad. The kids love it! Here are a few pictures from our recent playdate.

Wade fell asleep on the way there and slept for almost the whole time.

The 2 babies were late getting in the water. L wanted to hang by her mom most of the time and Wade was sleeping. But then they got in and loved it too.

Wade kept trying to drink the water!

Kylie was at Girl Scout Day Camp and missedthis fun activity.