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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yesterday Steve got up first and went into the great room. This is what he saw!

Later in the day we decided to secure the window with duct tape. I hope the glass all stays in until we can get in touch with the company on Tuesday. Figures they would be closed because of Labor Day!

Its the whole door side of the slider and only the inside pane. So weird!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Kid Survey

This is funny. I saw it on someone's blog. Try it yourself. Interview your kids and see what their answers are. Here are my oldest 3's answers. Wade doesn't talk enough to interview him.

1. What is something Mommy always says?
(k) Brush your hair.
(w) Go to your room.
(p) Come out when you are done being in trouble.

2. What makes Mommy happy?
(k) Us getting along
(w) Flowers, I mean new babies
(p) Hugging you and kissing you, like this . . . (kisses me)

3. What makes Mommy sad?
(k) Us not getting along
(w) fighting
(p) When you play with stuff on her desk

4. How does your Mommy make you laugh?
(k) After Wade says something, she repeats it, and I laugh
(w) tell us jokes
(p) Do anything silly.

5. What was your Mommy like as a child?
(k) She looked like me when I was younger
(w) like me
(p) She liked animals

6. How old is your Mommy?
(k) 33, is that right?
(w) 33
(p) 43

7. How tall is your Mommy?
(k) 12 inches, no wait, 15 inches
(w) 80, wait, hold still, I need to go look for something (runs off. . .comes back ) 14 feet
(p) A long way

8. What is your Mommy's favorite thing to do?
(k) scrapbook
(w) go to Del Taco
(p) scrapbook

9. What does Mommy do when you’re not around?
(k) shops
(w) I don’t know
(p) She does quiet time and things kids can’t do. (Like climbing walls that don’t have holds)

10. If your mommy becomes famous, what will it be for?
(k) her scrapbooking
(w) being my mom
(p) the circus

11. What is your Mommy really good at?
(k) scrapbooking
(w) counting to 14
(p) scrapbooking

12. What is your Mommy not good at?
(k) taking us to Disneyland without another grown up
(w) looking at babies when her eyes are closed
(p) falling off the bed

13. What does Mommy do for her job?
(k) takes care of the kids
(w) nothing, oh actually, work around the house
(p) to do her hair

14. What is Mom's favorite food?
(k) fish (not even close)
(w) Del Taco food
(p) zucchini

15. What makes you proud of your Mommy?
(k) She loves me, no wait, that she wins at scrapbooks
(w) not fighting with my dad
(p) that I make her have quiet time

16. If your Mommy was a carton character who would she be?
(k) Jimmy Neutron’s mom
(w) Miss Chocolate (me: did you just make that up? Him: ya. . .)
(p) Dora

17. What do you and your Mommy do together?
(k) go shopping
(w) go to Target and buy birthday presents
(p) sleep

18. How are you and your Mommy the same?
(k) we love each other
(w) we both fight
(p) we are as tall as each other

19. How are you and your Mom different?
(k) I’m not as tall as her
(w) I fight more than she does
(p) We have different color eyes

20. How do you know your Mom loves you?
(k) I just know it!
(w) because she just does, and she gives me presents
(p) because I ask her and she tells me.

Splash Pad

Our city has a fun new park. We finally got there last week. We didn't go sooner because Weston had his cast. Well, they loved it! Here are the kids enjoying the time with cousins and friends.

Girl Do's Give Away

Jenn over at Girly Do's is doing a give away of some cool girly hair things. If you have seen my girls' hair with the millions of rubber bands, this is where I get my inspiration.

Here are my girls' girly dos.

Head on over there (lol) and enter the give away! If you do, say I sent you. I get credit for referring people over there! Most referrals get a prize too.

Good luck!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who are you???

Apparently I'm a band wagon jumper! I finally read the book, really liked it. I'm on book 2. So . . .

Quiz link

Leave me a comment so I know you took the poll. I want to know who you are!

A Thousand Word's Thursday

This is my first time being part of A Thousand Words Thursday put on by Jen. Go take a look and play along. I actually got the idea from Tena, and she got it from Jen.

So here is my meaningful photo:

Meeting my first baby boy (who starts kindergarten in less than 1 week!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Experiementing with makeup

When Ema was here the other day she asked if she could put makeup on the girls. Or maybe it was Kylie asked if Ema could put makeup on them. I can't remember. Either way, this is not what I had in mind when I said yes!

First, Ema did the make up on Kylie, Ella, and Payton.

The kitty

The butterfly

The owl

Then Wes, not wanting to be left out, wanted a turn.

The football player (the grid is supposed to be the facemask)

Then the kids wanted to do something to Ema. The plan was to each take a turn and she would wash her face in between (why did I ever agree to this???). Ella took her turn and Ema washed it off. Payton took her turn, Ema washed her face, and I washed the couch covers. Wes took his turn,

And Ema was done! That was just too much. Kylie was sad she didn't get her turn. They had used all the makeup already, and Ema's poor face had enough mistreatment. Kylie will have to take a turn on another day.

Monday, August 25, 2008

more summer, ward beach party

One of our most favorite summer treats is corn on the cob at the beach!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Here are the before and afters. Wes is so glad to be done with the cast! Bath time will be so much easier now!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

He climbed onto the kitchen counter!!!!!!!!

I watched him do it too! He pulled out the stool, stepped on the first step, leaned over the seat, and pulled his legs up. Then he got to his knees, leaned over to grab the counter (it was about 1 foot away since he pulled out the stool), and stood up. Then he noticed i was watching him and sort of jumped from the stool to the counter. I thought he was going to fall! All the time I was saying, "Wade, no, Wade, no!" and running over to him. As I got closer he started to quickly crawl away from me towards the other side of the island. I got to him and grabbed his ankle. He was laughing the whole time! SO pleased that he just gave hi momma heart attack.

Now the stools are up on the island!

And is is standing on the couch now!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1 Year Anniversary

I just looked back through my blog and realized that August 18, 2007 was my very first post! I hardly seems like a year has gone by. My second post was about going to Sea World. We just went again when Grama Dot was here. Since I haven't posted pictures of that day yet, I figured I would to commemorate this blog's anni!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Scrapbook side of me

I've decided to have a blog just for my scrapbooking stuff. If you are interested in that then its here:


This one will just be for family stuff and kid bragging!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

SD4U new contest

Here is my week 1 entry. To see the rest of the entries, go check out the gallery.


There is also an online crop at SoCal Scrap

I'll post my stuff from that when I get some done too. I hope to have a very creative weekend.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm a Mormon, yes I am. . .

Sing along if you know the words. If you don't, wastch this video and see who else is LDS (Mormon).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Weston!

Yesterday my big boy turned 6. I can't believe that he is that old already. He starts kindergarten in just a few weeks. I was reading somewhere about kids starting school and one mom said she wished she could go go back to the hospital and start over again. I'm not sure I would go that far! I do miss him being little. He grew way too fast for me! He is in many ways still a little boy in a big body. I am excited to see how he does in school. I am excited to see him grow and learn.

We love you Wes! We hope you had a very happy birthday yesterday. Enjoy being 6 buddy!