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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Wear shoes when cooking bacon because you might spill grease on yourself.

I'm just saying.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More partiers

Just do me a favor and click on this picture to make it bigger. Look at Kylie's face! lol Can you see what she is holding? Its one of those HUGE Japanese beetles that Grandma Wilson used to tell us only come around when you cry or scream in the pool, lol! She was trying to be brave, but she won't pet a dog???

This is the cutie baby that the mama couldn't let sleep! Cute!!! This is his older older sister.

This is the baby girl that got the boot when this little guy joined the family. She is the littlest sister of the family, but now she is a big sister too!

They were so excited that he woke up!

This mama loves her baby!

More from the party!

The big daddy of the birthday boy!

My cute, fun cousin and her girlie!

My grumpus!

The birthday boy!

My camera was malfunctioning (the lens was locking up and not going in or out) so I asked my dad if I could use his brand new Canon Digital Rebel xTi. I knew I would regret using it. I think I'm in love! Too bad its way out of my price range.


The kids looking at bees, I think.

Wade was a grump most of the afternoon. Thank goodness for super wonderful moms and grandmas! My mom took Wade inside and watched him so I could interact with the partiers. Thanks Mom! I love you!

Cutie little girl!

And her handsome brother!

This little one slept almost the whole time through all the swimming noise. He is #5 so he is learning! His mama eventually woke him up though and we got some cute pictures of him (still to come).

Paytie! She loves the water, but her baby blues get so red from the chlorine!

Weston's 7th Birthday Pool Party

Opening presents.