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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big News!!!

Now I really wonder what all of you are thinking the big news is?

Its probably not what you think.

Its something we have been hoping would happen, but weren't thinking it would be so soon.

And we never thought it would be two at once!

Ok, ok! We have bike riders! Kylie learned yesterday and 10 minutes later Wes took off! As soon as she showed us she could ride around the cul de sac, he insisted that we take his trainers off. (Which, btw, Steve had just put on yesterday.) And then he took off too! I tried to get a video clip but it was hard to get both of them.

I'll upload one soon though!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Target rocks the photo shoot

I love that my Target has a portrait studio. They do such a great job! My favorite phot girl is being promoted though. I hope the new girl is as good as Brionne. Seriously, she does great with my kids! Here are Wade's one year pics. I love his funny smile. I'm so glad she caught that on film.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Yesterday at Disneyland

Have you ever been when its raining? We went yesterday not realizing that it was going to rain so early in the day. As we got on the tram it started to drizzle. As we went into the park it started to rain bigger drops. By the time we were on Main Street it was really coming down. We got Wade his first birthday pin and first visit pin.

Then we decided to walk down to Nemo. I'd never been on it and we heard the wait was under an hour. We thought Grandma would wait and I could take the kids on other rides. Once we got over there I just decided to stay in line with her. We feed the kids snacks and the sun came out. It was getting warm and the rain seemed to be staying away.

As soon as we got to the spot in the line when you give up your stroller, the rain started pouring! We were under the overhead platform right by the ride, but the stroller was getting soaked.

The ride was super cute.

By the time we got off the ride the stroller and everything in it was really wet. We decided to just go home.

Then when we got in the car and started driving home, it looked like it hadn't even rained!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So I mentioned previously that its been about a year since I really scrapbooked anything. I'm picking the tools back up and getting motivated to put pictures to paper again. I've been reading some blogs and participating in a few challenges and message boards. One of the boards I visit is all local ladies. Its called socal scrap. If you want to participate in some fun challenges, come check it out. Here are 2 pages I recently did too.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Weighing In

I took Wade to the pediatrician for his 1 year well baby check today. He has officially doubled his birth weight, finally! It only took all year. He now weighs 20 lbs 2 oz (15%,with diaper on, lol) and is 30 inches (50%). Developemently, he is meeting his milestones but I need to teach him to clap. He is behind in his clapping skills. SHe was pleased with his walking.

There was one concern though. Most of you know that we have been dealing with a milk/soy allergy and allergy induced colitis. I was dairy and soy free for awhile since he is a nursing baby. I reintroduced dairy through me and no more allergic colitis, but he is having severe excema. Dr. K thinks his is too bad to be treated with hydrocortizone or even something from the pharmacy. We have been treating it with daily lotion and Payton's creme, but its not helping. She referred us to the pediatric allergist. I'll call tomorrow and make an appointment.

Other than that little bump, our boy is growing well and is very happy. He is an easy baby. I hope he stays easy now that he is a TODDLER!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Cake

I love this little boy!

A Birthday in Pictures

A birthday in pictures! I guess since Wade is so mobile now all the pics are in his high chair. I didn't realize that until looking at what to post. Its kind of funny actually. Well, my baby is one! He loved all the attention on his day. He had a birthday donut for breakfast:

A yummy lunch:

And dinner at McDonalds!