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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Steve and I bought season tickets to BYU football this year.  Last week was our first game versus Washington Huskies and we won!  Yay!  It was a great weekend for us.  My mom kept all 4 kids and we got to get away as a couple.  Thanks mom!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend-

These are from inside the Legacy tent.  You get to go in there when you buy a certain level of ticket.  They have food and drinks for you 2 hours before the game, food at half time, and food after the game where you can watch the post game show on TVs while the traffic dies down.  It was awesome.  And it was air conditioned.  Wonderful since it was like 95 in the stadium!

The band and the cheerleaders come in to pump up the crowd too!

And here are some pictures from inside the stadium. We are on row 32 at the 50 yard line!


Hot, hot, hot!
A little less hot!

Almost at the end
Sun's gone down.

Once the sun was behind the stadium it was much better.  The game was so fun and I'm excited to go back!


Karie said...

we need to have a party next time you are here, at least we could go to China Lily!

jennmom2000 said...

We are coming for Thanksgiving! Get ready to party then!