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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wade is 6 months

I can't believe its been 6 months!

It goes by way too fast. We had his check up. He is 17 pounds and 26.5 inches. At 4 months he was 16.5 pounds and 26.5 inches. He really hasn't grown that much. It definately concerns Steve and I more than our ped though. She just says he looks healthy. I think this allergy stuff is really slowing down his weight gain. The poor kid poops 6 times a day. That would make it hard for anyone to gain weight!

But he is happy, cute as ever, and meeting milestones. He is up on his hands and knees a lot. He rolls all over the floor and is almost sitting up. He is a little love. All of us just adore him! I wish you all could meet him. He is so good natured.

We are off to visit family this week for Thanksgiving. Should be busy and fun. The kids will love being with their cousins. Have a great week and remember all that you have been blessed with! love you all


Ryan & Melanie said...

TAG!! You're it!! Check my blog for details!! Have fun!

Tena said...

Wade you are so handsome! Big smoochies to you